• Maharishi University of Management Computer Professionals Program
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  • Fairfield, Iowa, USA
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  • Intermediate

US Software Internships: MS in Computer Science -- Paid Training, Financial Aid

U.S. Software Internships: Part of MS in Computer Science

Our Computer Professionals Master's Program features full-paying software developer internships in U.S. companies, low initial payment, and extensive financial aid. (See http://mscs.mum.edu)

The program combines the standard core topics of computer science with advanced application areas, and professional experience in leading technology companies in the U.S. as a part of the degree program.

  •  Emphasis on Software Development using OOP (Java).
  •  Learn from experienced, caring PhD faculty in accredited university.
  •  Experience a safe, friendly, campus community with students from 80+ countries.
  •  All students learn a simple systematic scientific technique for reducing stress, and increasing creativity and problem-solving abilities.

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