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Asp.Net MVC With jQuery Ajax CRUD Operations Using JSON and EF

An article which implement CRUD Operations in Asp.Net MVC With Jquery Ajax Using JSON and Entity Framework.

.NET Standard Explained: How To Share Code

Learn what .NET Standard is and what it is not. Understand what makes the runtimes play well together and enables them to share code. This article coves shared projects, .NET Standard tools, .NET Standard versioning, class libraries, and portable class libraries.

Firefox Quantum vs Google Chrome: Who’s Better & Why

Finally the time has come where Firefox suddenly showed up and made headlines regarding its new version claiming that now they have faster attributes than Chrome. While many of the Google Chrome users were stupefied after receiving such news, many of the Firefox users were celebrating Firefox’s comeback.

Java 9: Cleaning up your default methods using private interface methods

Java 8 brought huge changes one of them being the default interface methods. These methods changed interfaces as we knew them — we could now define default implementations in the interface itself. If you use these default methods heavily in your applications, you'll quickly figure out one thing it doesn't really

Introduction To Bootstrap 4 Flex Layout (Flexbox for Bootstrap) - YouTube

Flexible Box Layout Model (called just Flexbox), is a new layout mode. Using flexbox makes you sure that elements behave predictably when the page layout must accommodate different screen sizes and different display devices. Flexbox is easy to use and every developer will find it useful.

Angular 5 Service Worker - YouTube

Angular 5 has been released and the support for building Progressive Web Applications (PWA) with Service Workers has now been build into the framework.

How to build a website with Bootstrap 4 Beta


How to build an Angular Application with ASP.NET Core in Visual Studio 2017, visualized

With an arguably gratuitous number of visuals and code, we learn how to build a ready-to-deploy web application built on ASP.NET Core

How to properly use Observable.Catch()

When being new to Reactive Extensions there is a lot to take in and a lot of things are confusing. After a while, you start getting into the flow and things are going better. But then, all of a sudden, you get snagged when trying to use Observable.Catch(). Whenever

Resources for Getting Into NodeJS

Eric Tersptra provides some guidance for getting started using Node.js. Node.js has exploded in popularity since its relatively recent introduction in 2009

ASP.NET Core + Angular 2/4 - User Registration and Login Tutorial & Example

A tutorial & demo showing how to implement user registration and login functionality with ASP.NET Core Web API + Angular 2/4. Originally developed as part of a secure web application for a Sydney based law firm, the example is a pared down boilerplate version that shows how to integrate Angular 2/4 with a .NET Web API end-to-end in a real world application, including JWT authentication and data access with Entity Framework Core.

Angular2: Step by Step guide of using Angular2 with Typescript for ASP.NET MVC in Visual Studio 2015

During last couple of months, I have received a lot of requests how to use angular2 in ASP.NET MVC in visual studio environment, Its quite easy to integrate angular2 in core project, so I am publishing step by step guide to integrate Angular 2 in ASP.NET MVC. Pre Step: Install Visual Studio Download latest…

What is Firebase? (Database as a Service) - Programming with Text

In this video, I introduce the concept of "Database as a Service" (DBaaS). I discuss how you can store data in a web application written with client-side JavaScript only. This is the first video in a tutorial series about Firebase. This video is part of the "Programming from A to Z" ITP course.

NoSQL, no problem: Why MySQL is still king

You'd think the advent of 'webscale' NoSQL databases would have consigned MySQL to history. But you'd be very wrong

Building REST APIs using ASP.NET Core and Entity Framework Core

The source code for this post has been updated to VS 2017 (master branch). There is also a VS2015 branch for Visual Studio 2015. ASP.NET Core and Entity Framework Core are getting more and more attractive nowadays and this post will show you how to get the most of them in order to get started…

Getting Started with Kotlin

At it’s I/O 2017 developers conference yesterday, Google announced official support for the Kotlin programming language for android development. Kotlin can be used to develop android applications along with Java and C++. According to google, Kotlin is a brilliantly designed, mature language and it will make Android development faster and more fun.

The Modern Javascript Tutorial

Modern JavaScript Tutorial: simple, but detailed explanations with examples and tasks, including: closures, document and events, object oriented programming and more.

ASP.NET Core Deployment Stack On A Budget

Learn how I deploy a ASP.NET Core stack on a budget. By Chad Ramos at Pioneer Code.

JS Hacker Pack - Visual Studio Marketplace

Extension for Visual Studio Code - Opinionated collection of Visual Studio Code extensions focused on Javascript development

Top 20 AngularJS Interview Questions - MUST HAVE - Web Development Tutorial

A very comprehensive list of angularjs interview questions with detailed answers including source code | All you need to know about AngualrJs.

Wireframing & Designing in Adobe XD

Go from idea to prototype faster with Experience Design CC (Beta), the first all-in-one cross-platform tool for designing and prototyping websites and mobile apps. Test-drive the beta and watch the video to see how we’re evolving XD to bring you exciting new ways to collaborate and deliver a whole new experience in user experience.

Upload and Download Files with Web API and Azure Blob Storage

So let’s say you’re using ASP.NET Web API to build a RESTful API for your app, you need endpoints that support uploading and downloading files, and you’ve decided to use Azure Blob Storage. Great, I have a solution for you.

Angular 4 - What's New?

Angular 4 was released! What's new and what changed? This video answers these questions!

Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2017

This year, over 64,000 developers told us how they learn and level up, which tools they’re using, and what they want.

Angular 2 Form Validation

In this tutorial we are going to look at what’s changed with forms and more importantly how to handle form validation the right way with Angular 2.

Loading Remote JSON Data with HTTP in Ionic 2

In this video tutorial, I walk through how to use the Http service to make a get request to load some JSON data. We cover how to load JSON data that is accessible through a remote server using a URL, as well as JSON data that is available within the application through a local file.

React-Native & Node Tutorial - Build a Meetup app [Part: 2]

Part 2 of my Tutorial where we build a Meetup app using Node.JS and React-Native. Hope you can learn something with :)

Building a Morphing Hamburger Menu with CSS | Scotch

Rencently I've found this awesome dribbble shot by Vitaly Rubtsov, and I could not resist the urge to try to implement it :)

20 Rising Web Design Trends To Watch In 2017 - Hongkiat

Another year has passed and designers are looking ahead towards the future. Many promising design trends are bound to erupt in 2017. Last year I covered the top

Senior Developers: How To Deal With Them?

Senior Developers… How can they possibly exist and be so useless? In today’s video, I’ve received a question from a reader that was bragging me about senior developer.

What’s new in PHPStorm 10 (Official promo video)

PHPStorm 10 is out! New features are mainly full PHP7 support, much better auto-recognation / autocompletion (even within arrays (unsure about multidimensional ones!)), Docker integration, PHPUnit 5 and as usual UI/UX improvements and general IDE tweaks. Outside of PHP there’s new stuff like support for Flow and Angular.js 2. Find the full list here

Angular 2 In 60 Minutes

In this video we will cover all of the fundamentals of Angular 2. We will be using version 2.2 stable. Some of the topics will include...

Angular 2 with ASP.NET Core Web API – Build a simple Notebook app – Part 1

This article presents a step by step approach to create an Angular2 application, consuming an ASP.NET Core REST WebAPI. It continues the earlier post Using MongoDB with ASP.NET Core WebAPI and presents a gentle introduction to Angular 2 framework.

HTML5 and CSS3 Fundamentals - 02. Creating Your First HTML5 Web Page - YouTube

Warm up your keyboard and get ready to work. In this lesson—an important foundation for the series as a whole—you'll be fully immersed in what it takes to build an HTML5 web page, including the utilization of HTML5 structural elements in a real scenario.

Should you go with Google's Go? 7 pros and cons

The once cutting-edge language is taking off -- and may be a prime candidate for your next project

Introducing Angular Modules - Feature Modules

The @NgModule is a new decorator that has recently been added in Angular 2. NgModule defines an Angular Module, which (from the official docs) are defined as "Angular Modules help organize an application into cohesive blocks of functionality." This post is the third in a series that introduce @NgModule and

ASP.NET Core RESTful Web API versioning made easy

There's a LOT of interesting and intense arguments that have been made around how you should version your Web API. As ...

Modern CSS Techniques

Imagine that you wanted to keep the class names in your HTML as simple and functionally-semantic as possible, but you also wanted to have re-usable generic styles, with presentational-semantics, to avoid repetition.

Google Material Design Input Boxes in CSS3

Google Material Design is all the rage right now. With Google announcing the new design philosophy, and using Polymer to create rich animated applications, many developers are starting to incorporate these ideas into their own experiments.

Thinking Outside the Box with CSS shape-outside

In this tutorial, we're going to explore the CSS shape-outside property which allows us to break out of the box a little.

Run Eclipse Mars IDE inside Eclipse Che

What is Eclipse Che? Eclipse Che is a developer workspace server and cloud IDE. Codenvy hosts eclipse che workspaces with free accounts. You can simply

C# SDK For Language Understanding Intelligent Service

A C# SDK for the LUIS, Microsoft's Language Understanding Intelligent Service API is now available on GitHub, taking us another step forward towards being able to build bots that respond to natural, spoken language.

JavaScript [Cheat Sheet]

JavaScript is one of the three core technologies of the WorldWideWeb content production process,so go through our cheat sheet a few times and learn how it works

Should You Learn Python, C, or Ruby to Be a Top Coder? (Infographic)

Top coders have near limitless prospects when it comes to employment, or even opportunities to succeed in their own startups. In fact…

Java Enums - how to use them smarter

A short introduction to Java enum capabilities followed by concrete examples of good use. How enums help with implementing lazy loaded singleton, following open/closed principle and using strategy pattern.

HTTPS Everywhere: 5 Steps to Securing Your Ecommerce Website

HTTPS means three things: authentication, encryption, data integrity. Without it, third parties can inject content to your website without your knowledge.

Deploying ASP.NET Core Applications including Octopus, Docker & RM

ASP.NET Core is a whole new world for ASP.NET developers because it opens the door to cross-platform development. However, it comes with a hefty price. Not only does it take some time before you get your head around, even deployment is now quite different.

An Introduction to Content Security Policy - HTML5 Rocks

Mitigate the risk of cross-site scripting attacks by whitelisting trusted origins with a Content Security Policy.

100 Most Brilliant Tech Hacks You Need To Know Right Now

Think you've seen every possible tech hack out there? Think again for this ultimate list of no common sense tech hacks that makes your life easier.#1 - Need to jot down something quickly? Open a te

Moratuwa Uni team won the second place under the Innovation Category in Microsoft Imagine Cup 2016

We are competing in the Innovation category with an award winning product "Amplus" which would definitely revolutionize the digital advertising industry.

Inbox Hero: How Google Inbox got me hooked with great UX

I’ve been firmly in the desktop email client camp ever since I started properly using email. Gmail’s web app never really clicked with me and never felt as clean and intuitive as apps like Sparrow (RIP).

10 Websites To Learn Something New In 30 Minutes A Day

Learning something new is always an exciting endeavour. Here, we've collected the best sites that focus on a diversified list of topics to learn.

The Joel Test: 12 Steps to Better Code

My own, highly irresponsible, sloppy test to rate the quality of a software team.

10 Reasons Why You Should Learn Java Programming Language

Fossbytes is a technology news and tutorial website that covers security and hacker news, open source, Windows 10, Ubuntu, and programming languages.

Async/Await - Best Practices in Asynchronous Programming

These days there’s a wealth of information about the new async and await support in the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5. This article is intended as a “second step” in learning asynchronous programming; I assume that you’ve read at least one introductory article about it. This article presents nothing new, as the same advice can be found online in sources such as Stack Overflow

Bootstrap 4: A Visual Guide

Discover what is new in Bootstrap 4. This next version has bigger fonts, cards, a new grid tier and utility classes that impact spacing.

Discover the new Google Fonts

The new Google Fonts makes it easier than ever to browse our collection of open source designer fonts and learn more about the people who make them. Using the Material Design framework, we created a design that scales across different screen sizes and devices, and updated the entire look and feel of the site, from the overall interactivity all the way down to the logo design.

Quick Tip: What's that font?!

Have you ever visited a website and wondered what web font is being used? I often visit websites with great typography and end up digging through the CSS in my developer tools until I find what I am l..........

Lenovo shows off some impressive bendable smartphones and tablets

Instead of putting your smartphone away in your pocket, Lenovo wants you to bend your phone around your wrist.

MySpace hack: Millions of stolen passwords and email addresses sold online

360 million passwords and email addresses, believed to have been stolen several years ago, have been listed on a hidden internet marketplace on the dark web.

Become a better programmer

Learn what scientific research says about the psychology of how we understand code and become a better programmer.

Using Android Text-to-Speech to Create a Smart Assistant

Theodhor Pandeli creates an Android app with text-to-speech that answers all of life's most important questions.

The simple guide to product testing

Tin Kadoic walks us through how they do product testing at Five and Shoutem.

What is React?

In the constant flurry of JavaScript MVC and MVVM drama I missed the release of React earlier this year, or rather I ignored the release, most probably dismissing it as yet another spin on expressive two-way binding

How To Create Your Blog In Less Than 10 Minutes Using WordPress

Creating a blog is one of the most important parts of your career, as a programmer. If you’re a follower of Simple Programmer, you probably know how much I give emphasis about creating a blog and marketing yourself online. Creating a blog was one of the best things I did for my career. The benefits […]

Facebook Fraud Response: Are Facebook Ads a Waste of Money?

You’ve undoubtedly seen the following video from Veritasium called “Facebook Fraud.” If you haven’t yet, please watch it below…

10 Best Google Chrome Extensions for Web Developers

In this Blog we will check out the most creative and useful Extension for Web Developers provided by the Google Chrome. Â

How to customize your Search Profile in Google

If you've ever searched for an organisation or person using Google, you might have noticed that a few of the top results show up with extra information in the sidebar. This additional information ofte..........

Microsoft Build Developer Conference

Microsoft continues to focus on enabling developers to do amazing work as businesses and industries transform in support of the shift to a cloud-first, mobile-first world. At Build 2016 we will present the latest tools and technologies and how they can help today’s developers be their most creative and productive.

Designing smart notifications

My phone buzzed. I was somewhere in Iceland. More than ten miles from my car and any other human being. Holding a phone with a dying battery. I turned it on to check Google Maps.

Responsive Design testing Tool

Show off how responsive design looks across different browsers easily with ... This is not a tool for testing, it is really important that you do that on real devices.

Web design is not just web design anymore

It’s been a while since doing web design isn’t just like making stuff nice in Photoshop and then pass it to somebody else to slice it and deliver.

5 ways you can show your Valentine’s Day love through tech

Chocolate and sexy Snapchats are nice, but here's the nerdiest way to win someone's heart.

10 Awesome Features of Visual Studio Code

Sam Basu covers some of his favorite features in the recently released Visual Studio Code editor from Microsoft for Windows, OSX and Linux.

Low-Cost Online Learning: Add Real Value to Your Resume

What do you do if your resume lacks the right education and credentials for the job you really, really want? No worries! In today's marketplace you...

Hummingbird and the future of SEO

New updates to Google search updates and why trying to rank number one is a waste of time.

Getting Started with Less

If you’re a front-end developer who has yet to take the leap into using a preprocessor, this is the article for you. I’ll take you from beginning to end on getting up and running with Less in no time.

9 technologies to watch in 2016

Technology advances not so much when it exhibits innovation, but when it becomes truly practical for everyday people. 2015 saw a lot of that as voice assistants started to show how they could live in the home and in mobile devices, always listening for their names, and super computers got to work on language translation and cancer cures.

Create a Real-Time Shoutbox with Laravel Events

Introduction Laravel is undoubtedly a very powerful framework with a lot of batteries included. One of the reasons I love laravel is the fact that it is built on events. What are Laravel Events? An event is an action or occurrence recognized by a program that may be handled by the program. Some examples of […]

FOX CSS - A light CSS framework

FOX CSS was created after I realized most famous CSS frameworks out there were not the perfect tools for the projects I was working on – their size and huge content being the main issue for me. I really wanted a light yet powerful base for both my personal and professional projects.

Top 5 Google Analytics Custom Reports & Dashboards

We recently wrote a post for the Zazzle blog about reporting in digital marketing and such was the reaction to its publication that we wanted to expand it into other areas of genuinely useful data insight for those tasked with reporting digital performance.

5 Steps to Efficiently Test Your CDN - Globa

Choosing a CDN to handle your web traffic is often a way to go. But right after you decide it's time to hire a CDN, the question remains: which CDN provider is best suited for my web business. Almost every single CDN provider has a trial period available before hiring them full time, which is great news for every potential customer in need of web performance boost. But how to use the trial time efficiently?

Getting Started with Angular 2.0

Recently Angularjs team has launched a 5 mins quick start tutorial on getting started with Angular 2.0. I have taken the same tutorial (with minor changes)

An Angular 2 and ASP.NET 5 SPA Template giving you the best tech now.

Use the fastest SPA framework in Angular 2 with the best server framework ASP.NET 5 on any OS. A SPA template for today using tomorrow's technology.

10 Dying Trends in Website Design

It is very important to understand the latest design trends in website design. Here are a few trends that are dying and you need to keep an eye out for them.

The .NET 4.5 async/await feature in Promise and Practice

The .NET 4.5 async/await feature provides an opportunity for improving the scalability and performance of applications, particularly where tasks are more effectively done in parallel. The question is: do the scalability gains come at a cost of slowing individual methods? In this article Jon Smith investigates this issue by conducting a side-by-side evaluation of the standard synchronous methods and the new async methods in real applications.

Build a Todo App from Scratch with Ionic 2

If you’ve been keeping up with all the latest Ionic 2 and Angular 2 news then you’ve probably seen a few example applications and had a bit of a play with Ionic 2. Maybe you’ve installed the new Ionic 2 CLI and gone through the starter tutorial.

Why Use Node.js? A Comprehensive Tutorial with Examples

Node.js was never created to solve the compute scaling problem. It was created to solve the I/O scaling problem. Find out why, with case-by-case tutorial.

Microsoft Surface Book review

Microsoft now thinks it has an answer, and it’s calling it the Surface Book.

Culture Clash: Coding, Software And Writing For Humans

There’s a lot of bad code out there. And it’s causing major problems for companies that are looking to build a more mobile-centric, transformational architecture.

Run .NET and Node.js code in-process with Edge.js

Tomasz Janczuk has created Edge.js, which allows users to combine the power of .NET with Node.js. Curious about how to add non-blocking communication to your .NET project? Looking for a way to move computationally intensive code out of your Node thread? Janczuk's article provides a great starting point on how Edge works and the benefits it can bring to your next application.

What is DNX?

In the past, working in .NET for non-Windows platforms has been dependent on third-party frameworks like Mono. Now, with VS2015 and DNX Microsoft have stepped up to provide everything you need to code multi-platform apps straight out of the box. Clive Tong introduces this new .NET technology.

Spring Framework Tutorial - Building an MVC application with Spring Framework

The Spring Framework is a powerful, feature-rich, and well-designed framework for the Java platform. It offers a collection of programming and configuration models that aim to simplify and streamline the development process of robust and testable applications in Java. In this article, Toptal engineer Stefan Varga challenges the popular notion of Java as a complicated platform for simple needs, and walks us through a step by step tutorial to building a simple MVC application with the Spring Framework and JPA.

Windows 10: Should You Upgrade?

Given the Windows upgrade market is just a tiny slice of the company’s revenues (the vast majority comes from purchases of new PCs) it irks me that Windows 10 has a number of restrictions.

Model-View-Controller (MVC) Explained

You’re ten years old, sitting on your family room floor, and in front of you is a big bucket of Legos. There are Legos of all different shapes and sizes. Some blue, tall, and long. Like a tractor trailer. Some red and almost cube shaped. And some are yellow – big wide planes, like sheets of glass. With all these different types of Legos, there’s no telling what you could build.

Google has quietly launched a GitHub competitor, Cloud Source Repositories

Google hasn’t announced it yet, but the company earlier this year started offering free beta access to Cloud Source Repositories, a new service for storing and editing code on the ever-expanding Google Cloud Platform.

11 Tell-tale Signs Your Code is Readable and Maintainable

Have you ever wondered if your peers think your code is readable and maintainable? Is your code earning you your colleague’s love or making them swear?

25+ Free JQuery Plugins For Doing Guided Tours Through A Website

When you have a web application which requires some getting used to from your users, a walkthrough of the interface is in order. There are awesome jQuery plugins that easy guiding users and creating...

Following $1.5B acquisition, LinkedIn now offers a free trial to

LinkedIn’s acquisition of is finally bearing fruit. The professional network is now offering members free access to Lynda’s online courses for a trial period.

Twitter will remove 140-character limit on direct messages

A Twitter spokesperson confirmed the character limit would be changing sometime in July but declined to provide more specific timing. The character limit for regular tweets, which is also 140, will remain in place.

Watch the 2-hour Google I/O keynote in under 2 minutes

Google kicked off its annual I/O developer conference kicked on Thursday and showed off a lot of updates coming to Android.

Google launches public beta of Web Designer, a free design tool for creating HTML5 ads and campaigns

Google Web Designer is a free, professional-grade HTML5 authoring tool. Build interactive, animated HTML5 creative, no coding necessary.

The Death of AngularJS

For quite a long time developers have been using AngularJS. Coming at a time when the alternatives were the likes of Backbone.js (while powerful in its own right), which just didn’t tick all of the boxes a modern web application needs ticked, we thought we had reached developer nirvana.

Using Gulp for ASP.NET 5 & Visual Studio 2015

The default "ASP.NET 5 Preview Starter Web" template has everything you need out of the gate to get started on your next ASP.NET 5 project. On top of the responsive design, which has a new carousel control, it is also touch ready using hammer.js and is using grunt as the task runner.

Why Meetings Are A Waste Of Time And How To Run Them More Efficiently

Mobify is a mobile e-commerce optimization platform used by leading online retailers to deliver exceptional responsive shopping experiences.

Report: Windows 10 will have a new browser that's not Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer, Microsoft's venerable but often despised web browser, may be replaced by a new, lightweight browser codenamed Spartan.

Bootstrap 3.3.0 released

Bootstrap 3.3.0 is here! This release has been all about bug fixes, accessibility improvements, and documentation updates. We’ve had over 700 commits from 28 contributors since our last release. Woohoo!

Visual Studio Tips & Tricks: Double Your Coding Speed by Moshfegh Hamedani

Have you ever wondered how professional programmers write code fast? Have you ever wanted to become a faster coder, even as little as 10%? Time is money. The faster you code, the more spare time you'll have and you’ll be able to do the things that you love. You'll also have more credibility in the eyes of your manager or client, especially when compared to other programmers.

Top 15 Mozilla Firefox Addons for Web Developers

Mozilla has definitely seen better days during its time, I’m of course relating to the recent issues it had with it’s CEO, and how that opened up the transparency of the company. In my eyes, it’s all media stuff, and it...

Over 100 ASP.NET Web API samples - StrathWeb

As you might now by now, last month my ASP.NET Web API 2 Recipes book was released by Apress. The book contains over 100 recipes covering various Web API scenarios that aim to help you save some headaches when working on your current or next Web API project.